Notice to Customers:
Whenever you logged in Corporate Internet Banking with your Corporate Internet Banking No. ("CIBN"), User ID/Log-in Name and Password, please remember to log out immediately when you leave your computer unattended in order to protect your account against unauthorised access by a third party. The Corporate Internet Banking Service is subject to the aforesaid risk. Bank of Communications Hong Kong Branch will not be liable to any loss caused by customers who failed to take precaution against the aforesaid risk.
1. Please use Google Chrome 57, Firefox 52 and Safari 9 or above browser.
2. If you have any enquires of using the Corporate Internet Banking, please call our corporate customer services hotline at (852) 398 95559.
3. 24-hour Hotline for Enquiries of Bogus Phone Calls, Loss Report and Suspected Misuse of Password, Security Device or Account Theft:(852) 398 95559 (After language selection, main menu press 4-1)

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